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  Students opinions about us and our lessons:

For travellers and employees searching for jobs abroad

we worked out exceptional language learning packages helping to:

  • communicate and work in various work places: foreign offices, factories, small private shops and enterprises
  • speak with different nationalities
  • survive in most exotic and remote places in the world
I was studying English at VEGA Business Services for a year. It was an intensive course in speaking this language as I was soon to take a job in one of English hospitals. I am a doctor so direct contact with a foreign patient is necessary on a daily basis. At VEGA, I learned not only medical terminology and expressions but first of all, fluent communication with the English medical society and English patients. VEGA encourages its students to speak with no fear or shame so the motivation for going abroad to work becomes bigger and bigger as you become surer in your use of English. I recommend VEGA to all who want to go abroad.

Dr med. Joanna Łysakowska