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Students opinions about us and our lessons:

School learners

receive a chance for success in their final school exam (Matura) through a variety of English learning programs adequate to their learning levels. Their success at this level will open the door to further exams of higher levels.


are welcome to join courses preparing for high level international exams.

My adventure with the Vega Company began in the autumn 2008. The matura exam was coming closer and closer, while my knowledge of the English language was a bit too little to get to University. I learned about Vega English Courses from my cousins who often passed Vega office on their way home. And so I went to my first English class ! Since the very beginning we worked hard and we have been working so till the present :). Naturally, my ability to speak English changed for the better very soon. Now I receive +/- 30% more scores at matura trial tests, which is a lot, considering only several months of learning. English classes at Vega are conducted ideally: QUICKLY, NICELY and, first of all, PROFITABLY for a student. If you hesitate which commercial language school to choose, the choice is simple - VEGA !

Bartek Bromke