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I have been teaching English in Warsaw for more than 18 years.

Every year proves to be a new mix of students and personalities. Recently, young, private students have finished 2nd place in a Fox exam and 4th in a US Embassy sponsored exam. Last year, I had the occasion to conduct lessons in a group setting with Szymon Majewski and Rochstar.

Bank presidents, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, and directors, all have had individual lessons that have proven entertaining and productive.

Good fortune in Warsaw prompts me to say that I am always looking forward to my next lesson.

Bill Lyons, April 12, 2010

We are a modern company offering English language courses to a wide variety of learners: Students opinions about us and our lessons:
  • We prepare our students to well understand and fluently communicate with English speakers.
  • We train them focusing on their specific needs such as succeeding in English language exams or job undertaking and living abroad or going on a risky adventure.
  • We care for those who must know how to handle a foreign phone call and feel comfortable with office work.
  • We care for those confronted with foreign environment.
  • We care of travellers searching new challenges.
  • We also care of little kids and teens who want to achieve more in life in future.
  • We want all of them to feel comfortable in the United Europe.

Vega Business Company is a corporate member of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce - www.bpcc.org.pl
We cooperate with LAEGETEAM, the Danish Recruitment Company and BYGEBJERG Danish and German Language Learning Company when our learners want to find a job in Denmark.

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It is a real pleasure for me to present the following opinion on VEGA's English language courses!

1. A very good contact with the lecturer,
2. The atmosphere and method of conducting classes motivate to regular work
and development of one's language competence,
3. A very dynamic rhythm of classes does not permit for boredom,
4. Introduction of Anglo-Saxon's culture elements and different English
language spoken areas enriches VEGA's interesting learning programs.

D. Sobczyk, Commercial Director,
Real Estate Market


I have been studying English at Vega for 3 years.

I think my English has improved a lot since then. I am very glad because of that. I am not afraid of speaking English although it had been a great problem for me before. My grammar has also improved. My grades from English classes at school have changed for better, too.

If you decide to study English at Vega, you must ask yourself if you REALLY want to because at Vega studying English IS a hard job. You must learn a lot but in exchange you receive good results. Also, classes aren’t boring. So I recommend Vega lecturers to you.

If you have any questions on learning English at Vega, please do contact me at: office@vega-english-courses.com. I will answer to all e-mails.



English classes at Vega?

Really cool, wonderful atmosphere and great fun!

I have been a Vega student for a long time so I know a lot about English classes there.

If you don’t like learning or are not systematic – be afraid.

For example, you need to learn and be well prepared at the classes with Agnieszka. In spite of a little discipline, I do really like studying there. Classes are always interesting. Every time they are different, not only grammar. There are also presentations and conversations. The knowledge of English is growing up from one hour to another! I feel self confident now and I am not scared to speak. The lecturers are nice but also demanding. You must learn there but you will also see the effects.

I recommend English classes at Vega! Although it is a hard learning, I attend the classes with sincere pleasure!